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24/7 Monitoring

Real-time site, equipment, and user tracking by our Network Operations Centre to keep your team online, safe, and productive

Preventative Maintenance

On-going updates and patching to software and equipment that provide the highest levels of security and stability

Asset Management

Active equipment and software tracking (make, model, serial number, warranty, license keys, assigned to, etc.)

Ransomware & AV Protection

Advanced threat protection for all computers and servers that is monitored by our Network Operations Centre

Zero-day Response Team

Aggressive threat mitigation services to protect interests when a major vulnerability is exposed

Active Security

Technical procedures and on-going information that your team can use to remain aware of current and potential risks

Annual Budgeting & IT Assessment

Annual review that includes hundreds of checks, fiscal recommendations, and 12-month ever-greening schedule.

Documentation & Reporting

We create detailed and unparalleled documentation, backed by powerful reporting tools, for everything on your network

A Dedicated Team & Manpower

You can rely on our full team of experienced IT pros for everything from simple requests to major projects


This calculator is for estimations only and assumes each of your locations has a typical small-business infrastructure (eg. 1 server, 1 firewall, etc.). Please contact us if you would like to learn more and get a confirmed price.  

We do offer services to small, medium and large businesses, please contact us to speak directly with our team. 


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