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Protecting yourself against WannaCry Ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware pandemic is spreading fast and it’s crucial that you have a game plan for your clients.

If any of your desktop or servers get infected you have only two choices – pay the ransom or restore clean versions of your files and applications from a recent, unencrypted backup.

If you haven’t yet taken the following action, do so NOW:

  1. Make sure they install Microsoft’s Critical Update/patch — MS17-010 and Update Catalog
  2. Update their AV/AS signatures
  3. Protect their endpoints with a cloud backup solution that includes Anomaly Detection
  4. Protect their mission-critical servers with our Disaster Recovery as a Service (aka DRaaS)

Protection is time-sensitive and our specialist team are also available now on 01544 327 310 to help you create a game plan that will protect your business and mission-critical data and applications against WannaCry and other ransomware attacks.

p.s. If any of your customers are healthcare companies, make sure to ask us about our special offer to help protect the critical infrastructure of hospitals and healthcare agencies

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